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shallow fishing

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  • shallow fishing

    hi I consider myself not to bad when it comes to up in the water slapping and tapping. yesterdays match I had god nose how many fis in front of me, every time I chucked pellets in it erupted on the top, this water is stuffed with them, so its the same in all pegs, it went well for to hours I had about 75lb in the net, then even though they where still boiling it was so hard to get a take they took every pellet except the banded one. at the weigh in I had 111lbs it was won with 213lb by one of the famous twins from the east. 2nd 140lb 3rd 138lb 4th 128lb 5th 118lbs then me 111lbs. now with that amount of fish in my swim all day I should have done loads better. speaking to the winner he fished with a pellet band with the hook just nicked in the side, then he put the pellet in the band so no need to have one hair rigged like I had. the trouble with the small bands they keep breaking. he buys latex elastic and cuts his own size. he also fished with 4ml pellet where I fished six mil my rig was 7lb main line o14 hook length with hair rigged band 18 pr36 my question is what could I have used to improve my way of fishing shallow the rig seems about right but I bet its not. ps I did fish a heavy elastic so as to get them in fast. what can I do to improve my approach. cheers.

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    This place sounds like Orchard farm near Paddock Wood,softer lacy,less feed and more slapping your rig over,hook size sounds fine,i would say your rig lines a tad on the heavy side..


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      Everything sounds ok?

      Just use a lighter elastic.... with a pulla kit.

      You want fish to barely know when they are hooked, when you lift into them....... you want them to glide out of the feed area with little fuss.
      Heavy elastic does not allow this to happen and the hooked fish can spook the remaining fish in the peg.

      Another thing to try is when you have hooked a fish, concentrate on getting the next fish lined up i.e feed when you hook the fish, steer fish away feed again..... get down to your top kit, with the fish under control feed again...... net the fish & feed, fish in keepnet just before you ship out again, feed ...... does not have to be many pellets 1 or 2 even, its about building the confidence of the fish out in front of you again, prior to your rig dropping through.

      However reading your comments, if you have that many fish in front of you cutting back on your feed might help....... get them competing for the noise, just lowering your pellet through should result in a bite. Try slapping your rig over for 3 fish then feed and so on..... dont be afraid of trying different things even in a match environment.

      Another thing to try maybe, if the fish are leaving your pellet but are in the peg, they might be spooking off your pole tip........ just try lengthening the line from pole tip to float and flick it out past your pole.

      Asking questions ON THE BANK is also a great way of improving, try and watch what others are doing feed wise etc to better your catch rate.


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        I agree with Silvers last paragraph, and would add that usually even the most secretive anglers usually say too much straight after the match ends, b4 the scales arrive, especially when they've done well, an adrenalin thing I guess...


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          I would always use a hair rig, same size pellet on hair as feeding, thinner or thicker line could be better but the main thing is how much, how often you're feeding and how, when you're laying, slapping the rig in, I like to feed first, then lift rig out which helps avoid foulhooking.