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what would you do ???

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  • what would you do ???

    Fished a club match on Sunday, and no matter what i did, could not get away from small stuff just dib dib dib on the float. i tried 6 and 8mm pellet shallow and caught roach and even a gudgeon 12 inches deep in 8 ft of water, tried altering depths, both up n down, also same story on meat shallow, firing 3-4 6mm pellets constantly, for 1.1/2 hour but the carp wern't having it shallow.
    ( no one caught much shallow, and their are one or two good shallow anglers amongst us )

    Fished another swim beside lilly pads four foot deep, tried Meat, Pellets, corn, and Macaroni over 6mm pellets, but still got pestered with bits as above, it really did my head in for 5 hours, had to go for a walk and a smoke, half way through, so frustrating lol.

    I tried not feeding, same thing, then fed heavier, same result, tried shallower - same result 3 gudgeon on 8mm meat,

    Fed really heavy in margin last hour with corn and 6mm pellet, and finally found 4 carp, amongst the hordes of roach, snatching at it.

    What would you guys do different ( apart from pack up n go to the pub LOL )Thanks

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    One of them days mate, carp in spawning mode?
    Personally I would have dobbed a big bait along the far bank and if I didn't catch would have taken the walk of shame.
    You could not have done much wrong if the rest of the field where having the same problem, this is why I like fisheries with a good head of Ide as you can rely on em for a few.
    On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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      If the bits are having it then there's no carp in the swim in any numbers. When the carp do turn up the bits disappear. Sack soft baits like meat etc and fish hard pellet 11mm may be better. Did you try bomb or pellet feeder? Spray large pellets over the top.


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        surely all the small silvers will add up at the weigh-in right? or are they not counted?


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          Originally posted by Maz View Post
          surely all the small silvers will add up at the weigh-in right? or are they not counted?
          YES they count but you will not win there with silvers, 86lb of carp won, 66lb 2nd, both only had a couple of pound of silvers in that !!!!!!!!!!!!!, as they say just one of those days.