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Floating Feeder

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  • Floating Feeder

    Hello all,
    Have you got yourself a copy of MATCH FISHING mag [June] with the free dvd Andy Findlay floatng feeder.
    Wow" is it that good, Iv" got the bits and made the contraption and have done a test in a bucket, with pellet and ground bait and it works fine.
    So next week is going to be the big test on my local carp pool.
    Has anyone made and fished with this floating feeder set up?

    Would It, or could it, be as good as a pellet waggler?

    Is this a new thing or as it been tried before?

    The FIN is well known for flat bed method feeder is this going to be the next big thing?

    Thanks all.

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    It all depends on the water, on the right one it can be deadly though.


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      It was very popular at Bankend a few years ago. In the right conditions it can be awesome. Has to be perfectly still day or the feed goes everywhere and takes the fish with it.


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        m8, he,d have bagged on that day with a sweaty sock on the end , MAP made one called a rocket ten years ago just a small spod !!!
        MR. BLUE SKY


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          Dave Thomas designed the first feeder float in the 70s/80s, a propper waggler float not one of the bolt rig types.
          I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
          He says he gives me good advice. does he ?