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TDR 4012 how many turns

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  • TDR 4012 how many turns

    Morning , can anyone tell me how many turns of the handle it would take to load this reel with 150 meters of 0.18mm line please , as I have a fresh spool of 300 metersof line, which I would like to use evenly on two reels . Thanks in advance.

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    it's approx 250 turns of 0.18.
    60cm per turn. I have 3012 and just measured it. According to the Daiwa catalogue the 4012 has the same line capacity and ratio.

    I really must get out more lol...
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      Surely the line retrieve ratio of one revolution of the handle will tell you!- ie: 1/2m of line will equal about 300 turns=150m, if your spool fills before 300 turns you will have enough left for the second reel. There may be printed on the spool the line capacities for different line poundage. use a calculator for fractions. Simon pavey is not to far out by the looks of it


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          The question should be will 150 mtrs of 0.18 be enough to fill the spool properly,if not you need some backing or more line.
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            Just loaded my tdr 4012 with a full 300m spool of 6lb daiwa hyper sensor which is 0.20 , filled up just nice..


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              I have never understood why fill the whole spool up with mono. 100 yds is enough in most cases,what's wrong with backing and just reverse when correct level,it's a pain I know. But the above must be wasting good line?
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                Thanks for the replies men , and for anyone who is interested , I have loaded both spools now, and it works out as with a empty 4012a spool, starting with 0.18 line @ 185 handle turns for 150 meters of line then 160 turns of the handle to top off the spool with 0.21 line this fills the said spool up nicely , then its just a case of putting that line back on to the empty reel spool , simples .