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Doubled up mainline

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  • Doubled up mainline

    I have been thinking about using a 'doubled up' mainline for feeder fishing, about 2 feet I am guessing.

    Been looking on net for knots, can only find a 'Bimini twist' knot and that looks a pig to tie, anyone know of an easier one that will do the same job?


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    I use the twizzled up line method for about 6 inches for all my feeder fishing. It's a bit hard to explain so ask in your local tackle shop, once someone has shown you it's easy!

    You put a link swivel on first, then with the line in between your finger and thumb on both hands, twist the line clockwise with right hand and anticlockwise with left hand. The line will then twizzled up and double up, when you've hot about 6inches of doubled line, tie it off with a normal overhand knot and trim off. Hope that helps!

    Not sure if it's on You Tube.

    All the best


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      Steve ringer shows you how to do a twizzled loop in one of his pellet waggler videos on youtube.


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        Thanks for the info guys, suddenly realised that all I need to do - I think - is just do a larger version of the loop knot I use for my hook lengths.

        Just tied up a test version and it seems to be what I need.

        Must have had a 'senior' moment!


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          Greenbank defo give the twizzled line method a try, it is very good and I use it for normal feeder fishing and for the method feeder as standard now for a good few years. It was shown to me by the late great Jeff Moors, so simple when you think about it.