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Pellet Waggler Window.

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  • Pellet Waggler Window.

    It has been very good fishing the pellet waggler, on our lake this summer , but the last two weeks things have changed
    It is hard to get the carp up in the water, Is it time to leave the pellet wag at home, now the cooler weather is with us, or will the carp return to feed up in the water should the tempratures rise, the lake is about 15ft deep, should I go deeper on the waggler, as I was catching well at two and three ft , but now this has become difficult, and the carp are not showing on the surface anymore.
    Is the window to catch on the pellet waggler over for this year.
    Thanks All.

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    When I saw the title I thought this thread was going to be about a mishap whilst practising casting in your garden


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      Have you tried fishing deeper with the waggler? Could try over-shotting it so it just sinks and allow it to sink slowly on a tight line - you'll soon know if you get a bite!


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        The fish might just be a little bit deeper than before, try feeding less and see what happens


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          A way of Searching in Deeper pegs
          Fish a Bodied Waggler (loaded) put all your remaining Shot in a Bulk 3 to 5ft above the hook do not lock waggler on the line
          Cast to your feed & Slowly feed the line through the float either by hand or Back winding you can vary the speed of the Fall & cover the whole depth
          The bites can be hit by gently lifting the tip a couple of ft ,No need to Strike hard because the Float is not locked it offers No resistance @ all
          i have done this in water up to 30ft with great success


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            Thanks, I can always get good info from you guys.
            I will give things a try this week