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Stopping fish escaping in floods. Wire mesh pherhaps?

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  • Stopping fish escaping in floods. Wire mesh pherhaps?

    The club I'm in has a lake and each time that there are floods water comes in and gets out of it. We are thinking about putting a wire mesh fence round the spots where water escapes but wonder what thickness of wire and the size of mesh to use.

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    Make sure that when the flood comes fish get out then when water drops they cant get back into the main pool because of the fence


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      The problem is that the last flood was quite powerful and any fish that were swept out into the river would not get back. What I'm looking for is information on the type of wire mesh needed.


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        dont know what mesh.but bear in mind if you use small mesh this can also trap debris thus escalate the problem and back the water up...


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          Cursor down until you come to section on screening, it may give you some idea.
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