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  • Which Rig?

    I,ve noticed that there are and is a need for illustrated information that would be invaluble too newcomers to the sport and maybe even too those more experienced of us. My suggestion is, would it be worthwhile keeping our own illustrated archives of various feeder, lead,waggler, stickfloat and pole rigs uploaded from various sites and even those sketched by our own members with the relevant information with each diagram.? This would be readily available for people in need of this sort of information. you may even wish to take into consideration groundbait and mixes etc. I have considered the possibility that this "could" by some small degree adversely affect the amount of postings on the site but i,m convinced that the never ending changes, ideas and innovations that people constantly come up with that this can only lead to the greater good of the site with membership in mind.
    Your views please!!

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    Hi Woody1,

    Hope your Christmas went well. You raise a good point Woody, but IMHO with the advent of the internet and some great angling mags on the shelves today, with some excellent info in them showing rigs whats new on the market, these make for good reference books. Woody it is a mine field out there mate and as you say things are changing at such a rapid rate. We all have to tailor it to suit our needs and budget. But then again thats what the forum is for Woody Buddy, there are some cracking anglers on here with a wealth of knowledge. So fire away mate.

    Happy Woody year
    Regards Billy Boy :)

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      Get em posted Kev , especially your cat meat rigs
      I personally dont buy the rags, If I am going to a venue and know the preferred method I ask a question on here and that is where I get my info from. Ok, some might say i'm tight, but I know the info I get off here is upto date and honest