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  • Seatboxes

    I am looking for a decent seatbox with slide-away footplate and suited to pole fishing. I weigh about 16 stone so need something strong but also light.I would like the box to have a deep bottom section, square section telescopic legs, and a pole seat. At present I'm looking at Prestons On-boxes but am also very impressed by the look of PlattForms series 6, although I have only seen pictures of them. I fish mostly canals and club stillwaters never rivers.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.tag.( Manchester)

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    The Plattforms boxes are the best engineered of all boxes, theres nothing to break on them not seen a series 6, there may be one or two new boxes about to hit the market durng the early part of 2007 so it may just be worth waiting and having a look.


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      Many thanks Brian!


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        Anybody else care to give an opinion?


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          i have just had a Matchbox MSX square legs footplate but not sliding i am well pleased with it i had a few probs with slipping legs but cured it by just tightening up more i am 17 stones...opps 18 sod Christmas.. think it was a bargain i believe you can get one under £200 with side try you can view them on this site ill go get a link
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            Talk angling matchbox seatbox systems

            your link

            we still on that minute edit thing takes me longer to find bloody keys to press
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            In daylight we're oblivion


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              Thanksh fo linkh am also having strugglh wish shlipppin legsh!
              Al she beshht