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Reel line for the tip.

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  • Reel line for the tip.

    I'm looking recommendations for a GOOD reel line for carp upto 8lb on the tip.


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    John on the recommendation from Kev Arathoon a couple of years ago I use Daiwa Sensor. Strong as anything mate.
    Dave Kightley



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      Berkley big game 6lb.


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        bayer ...... but what do i know
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          Trying out some Sensor at the moment but havent done much feeder fishing of late,will be on Sat got the river Avon.


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            For most of my carp fishing on the tip I use Maxima as it's robust and has a bit of stretch. The only time I don't use it for carp fishing is when I am chucking a feeder a long way, say at Earlswood, in which case I use Daiwa matchwinner, although I am thinking of trying the Berkely Fireline for seriously long chucks.

            A Southerner, lost in the Midlands. ;)


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              Mate - Shimano Technium is unbeatable...

              But if you want a line for a long chuck use Tubertini Gorrilla which you can buy at
              Simon Young
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                maximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximama ximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaxi mamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaxima maximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximama ximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaximamaxi ma



                out and out the best multipurpse feeder and waggler line on the market. Dark, robust, durable, cheap.

                Knew a girl like that once lol
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                  Maxima is no good. Just taken my reel out of my case and the line is rotten
                  You'd think after 22 years away from the sunlight it would have lasted

                  That's nothing, don't draw near me at Barston, not for the first two hours till I get used to a rod again


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                    My maxima was ok after it had been left on my mitchell 300 reels and the bayer perlon on the 506s was just as good after an 18 year lay off, and i used it catching carp to six pounds with it, possibly still some still on the now redundant 300s pity about all the boxes of mustad hooks that were in the same box as most were barbed 10s 6d or just over 50p for 100 those were the days.



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                      Bought all the memories flooding back of the days fishing the stick float catching ooodles of chub and dace with my mitchell match loaded with 2lb maxima.... now its rocket, method, baggy wag, pellet wag ... all on nothing less than 6lb line... not quite the same is it -

                      ah those were the days, mind you back then I didnt have a mortgage and a kid and could go fishing three or four days a week - now I have to wait at least 10 years I suppose before I manage to get back into my fishing properly as my daughter is three months old and the missis is already planning the next one to fit in with the right school year!
                      Simon Young
                      Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                      web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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                        maxima without doubt


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                          Maxima "it ain't broke so don't fix it"
                          Having said that, in heavy breaking strains 8 - 12lb and for good bite registration in winter months, I have been using Berkely Sensation and been well pleased with its performence and value for money.


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                            Shimano Technium 8lb can't beat it for carp very good abrasion resistance and very strong, so good infact that very well known anglers who are sponsored by MAJOR companies use this line instead of their own brands! Names are strictly classified info!


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                              Maxima has never let me down not even with those hard fighting barbel is some very snaggy situations.