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Seat Boxes-river, canal, matc. Whats the difference??

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  • Seat Boxes-river, canal, matc. Whats the difference??

    Hiya Lads.

    I've been looking at seat boxes and wondered just what the difference is between canl, match, river etc etc.
    Is it the base units or what.
    Silly question but a carp angler for 15 years so what do you expect??


    put the kettle on........;)

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    You've basically answered your own question there mate.Canal boxes are smaller than the others ie less draws and shallow bottoms


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      Thought I had posted in here a couple of days ago, but as Frank has said its usually the number of draws and the depth of the base that defines the difference between canal and match boxes canal boxes tend to have 3 or 4 draws whilst a river box will have at least 6, a good canal box will also have a removable base for those venues where you are only going to use the pole.
      The likes of Rive and Milo boxes complete with all their add on gizzmos are perhaps best described as match boxes, but be aware they are not light and theres a few motors that you would struggle to get one in the boot


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        Thanks lads, that clears that up for me.
        Have I got some questions coming for you lot...............
        put the kettle on........;)