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  • colouring

    Has anybody used Carp Vader bottled dye and flavouring (RED) ,I purchased a bottle a couple of months ago and today noticed the colour as disapeared it is now a very faint orange colour. Tried shaking and warming it but to no avail.

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    Colouring I thought you meant books & crayons, which are
    prerequisites on many of the pegs I draw


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      Hello Ridgeacre,

      I apologise for the problem you have regarding a faulty item. We will happily send a replacement on receipt of your details. I have sent you a PM asking if you can let me know where and when you purchased the item and exactly what it is, this way we can contact the all the retailers who have received products from the same batch to check if there is a problem with any other items. All our products are made to high specification and all in marked batches. To date we have never received complaints of faulty products, however, there can sometimes be an exception to the rule.

      Once agin I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

      Best Regards
      Nick Brown - Bait-Spray Ltd


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        Thanks Nick for the reply have returned the pm with details you require will also return the bottle ASAP


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          Originally posted by Halfounce
          Colouring I thought you meant books & crayons, which are
          prerequisites on many of the pegs I draw
          And you still go over the lines


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            ridgeacre has it been stored in an overly warm. sunlit room?

            I had some predator plus that I kept up in the attic of our old house. As it used to get hot up there and had a lot of direct sunlight it turned bright green.
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              Ridgeacre - A replacement bottle of Predator Plus is on it's way, and you have a PM.

              Mattress - yes you are quite right heat and uv light greatly affects the products unless you stuff them full of preservatives and other types of chemicals. All our liquid additives are nature indentical this is what attracts fish to them.


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                Thanks mate for the replacement bottle, as you say in the pm it was old stock and had been incorrectly stored.


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                  Nick just arrived thanks mate.
                  Must say it looks and smells different from the bottle purchased in the tackle shop just waiting to give it a try.