When To Use A Palomar Knot & A Snell Knot!

Recently i've been getting asked a lot about my leaders. The type of hooks i use to the knots i employ. I think showing what i found that works for my shore casting needs will answer a lot of questions. I mostly use Mustad Hooks for most of my needs. For whipping i use a Hawaiian favorite, the MZ Hook. For heavy duty purposes the offset Circle Hook works extremely well for stronger hook-ups.

Recently i made the mistake of showing pics of older off-set circle hooks that my buddy Chef Charley gave to me on social media. The brand was from local giant fishing supplier Izuo Brothers. So i decided to give these a try. Again. It's been years since i've used this type & brand of hook. Since i always fabricate what i need ahead of time i decided to use this as a good example of what i feel are the best types of hooks to use from shore & what type of knots i employ for different species & terrains.

So for salt water shore casting i prefer circle hooks. Preferably factory off-sets (if you get regular circle hooks trying to off-set it on your own will weaken the metal). The best knot would be a snell knot. If you're using live bait i'd still use the circle hook but with a ring. For ringed circle hooks the palomar knot works best. Just remember if you tie these knots correctly it shouldn't break at the knot under duress.