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Flat float fishing

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  • Flat float fishing

    When flat float fishing is there a recommended length of line between pole tip and float? I usually have all my river floats set up to fish top 5. So have a fair bit of line from pole tip to float so I can search the swim. Is this recommended or do you have shorter for hitting bites better. Any help on flat float fishing most welcome as I am very much a novice on this method. All the best.

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    I use Cralusso flatties and find them most effective on the pole for static baits. It does indeed depend on the speed of the flow to determine the weight of float needed. I always leave at least 3ft of line between poletip and float, any shorter and you'll struggle to make the float work properly.
    If I'm using a 3gr float I use a 3gr olivette to start with. I Plumb up without attaching my hooklink,ideally the olivette should sit 1 inch above the deck.
    I then attach my hooklink, generally 8 to 12 inches long. I place a no8 shot halfway down, this helps pin it down. I prefer to have just the antennae of the float visible. I put the rig in and hold back hard, if the body of the float is above the surface I add more shot next to the olivette or change it to a heavier one. This is where the speed of the flow comes in.
    Ideally I like the antennae to be vertical and the body of the float is completely sunk, I keep adding shot to achieve this. You'll find a slightly overshot rig works best. This means the float will sink if you give it slack line.
    Experimenting with the pole tip at different angles to the float can help achieve the perfect balance. Unlike conventional pole floats it's best to position the silicone tube further down the stem so the line isn't touching the body of the float, this is shown in the instructions that come with the floats. Once all this is set up it becomes extremely sensitive and even the lightest bites will sink the antennae. As the floats are attached with silicone and no eyes they can be changed without breaking the rig down so i can change to a heavier float and simply add more shot, this also makes it easy to store rigs on winders.
    Hope this helps....


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      Thanks Simon, Thats great information. I have some round ones think they are sensa will give them a go this weekend. I think the shotting must be were I have gone wrong I will try overshotting.
      All the best.