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Line for slider float fishing

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  • Line for slider float fishing

    Read that thicker line 0.2 is best for slider float fishing. But what make? Never done it before but watched a few videos some recommend casting off the bulk shot some off a couple of BB placed above the bulk. Is one better than the other or give less tangles. Any help or tips on fishing this method appreciated.

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    I use Maxima 4 or 5lb.I tend to use a string of BBs as bulk instead of 2 or 3 SSGs.A long string of BBs act like a boom and helps to prevent tangles.When casting keep it nice and smooth and feather down so it doesnt land in a heap.Crucially,after plumbing and you are happy with the depth stick the hook in the rod butt and count the rings down from the tip to where the stopknot is,alternatively,mark it`s position with tippex-during the session keep an eye on the knot`s position as it will tend to move during casting and playing fish.


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      Nice one, so casting straight off the bulk it is then. Never had to fish like this before so a steep learning curve me thinks. Thanks for the info.


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        Another tip is to have a sliding rubber stop 1 1/2ft above your bulk to stop the float crashing into the bulk.Some people use a number 1 shot but due to the weight of the float and the cast,the shot can slip.


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          Thats a good idea I will get some of them and give it a go. Hope to have a try this coming weekend.