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The Helios Spinner For Lefties!

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  • The Helios Spinner For Lefties!

    Thanks To John Bretza Of Okuma For Helping Me To Relay This Information Correctly

    For the past year i've had anglers message me asking why doesn't the Helios Spinning Reel switch to a left handed configuration. So i watch YouTube videos and read descriptions. A few reviews by large tackle distributors & iCast reviews by Staffers told me it can switch over. So a few months ago i requested my first Helios, the Helios SX HSX-40S High Speed model for whipping "spin casting". Since i'm right handed it never occurred to me to try to switch the reel to a left handed unit.

    Then more questions arrived of the Helios not converting to a left handed mode. So i tried switching handles & i realized it wasn't switching. I contacted John Bretza of Okuma but he told me his unit went swimming without a wetsuit. So i furnished John with a quick video so he could view what i was trying to convey. After a confab with his engineers they relayed the correct procedure. From what i can tell this hasn't been visually demonstrated yet, until now.