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Bites - Shallow

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  • Bites - Shallow

    Can anyone tell me how to hit bites when fishing 18 inches deep?

    Im fishing with a size 16 and hiding the caster in the hook.

    I cant seem to hit the bites as they are far too quick. Any ideas?

    The odd fish i do hit hooks itself and its normally roach, rudd or tench.

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    shown by geoff moors on border canal dont stike at bites just lift pole gently for example just raise two three inches the fish will either be on or you just lower bait back in usually the elastic just comes out of the pole.


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      Hook the caster like a maggot for a start this makes a big difference and shouldnt hurt your bites really.

      Also you need to have as shorter line to the top of the float as possible.

      The other thing that i find makes a big difference is putting a small shot 3-6 inches from the hook and playing around with how far this is away from the hook on the day.
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        You are maybe fishing to deep,try coming really shallow(6 inches) .Hi Growler how are you doing mate,Lifting and doping is what it is all about,dont forget when fish are feeding shallow a lot of bait is sent upwards as the fish constantly swirling.