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Sticking pole joints when shipping back

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  • Sticking pole joints when shipping back

    Used my new MAP cfs f16 pole for the first time today,very pleased apart from,when I shipped back section 8 was hard to get apart at 7 and 9, lost quite a few fish because of it, is there something I can do to make them come apart smoothly they are very tight , my previous much cheaper pole wasvery smooth


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    Do you use a pole roller as that will help and stop the pole from bending slightly, which can cause the joints to tighten, if you use a roller try wiping the male sections with a candle that should help, just watch that theres no grit when you reassemble.


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      Yes I use a roller ,it did cross my mind that the joints were not as straight as they could be but all the othr joints are smooth,also when I got home I tried the three sections only and they were still jerky


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        Careful when your shipping on uneven ground/grass, If your banging the butt this can knock the sections tighter together .


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          If you're using the full 16mts you should use two rollers or something to keep the pole straight. When setting up lay the pole behind you at full length and then fit your rollers along it so that its straight. Any slight bend will distaught the sections so they will be hard to pull apart. You also need to be careful that you don't snap off the end of the section as you pull them apart.