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Hyrdo. How long

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  • Hyrdo. How long

    Hi ppl. At the mo my choice of elaccy for carp is prestons hollo. I use 5 ft of it in my match top 3, with the one out.My top kit is about 6 ft. Ive heard a lot about hydro and want to give it a go, but was wondering wether to use it in the full length of my kit or shorten it a bit. I can also use my power kit which is about 7 ft. I hear it retracts a lot better than the other hollow elaccys. Any advive will be great please
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    I would personally stick to the same length as you are currently using with your other elastic unless you are targetting very big fish and need that little bit of extra stretch - this would be better achieved by doubling up the last foot next to the bung to give an extra bit of power when one really pulls to try and bottom your elastic out.
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      Ok thanks Simon, best thing to do is actually try it and see Anyone else got anymore info on their hydro set ups would be great
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        well on my pole i just take out flick tip and use the biggest internal bush and hydro works fine, if youve got a soft grade of hydro i would put a bit of dacron on and you can do 2 tops
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          Hi Monty ,

          All my tops are done in Hydro great stuff. £15.00 for 3mtr sounds a rip off but it is good stuff. So what I do is cut the elastic in halve and make sure you tie a knot in the cut ends to stop the elastic bleeding, then I get some braid a winder bung and two stonfo's to suite the size of your elastic, of course one stonfo will be placed at the business end and the other placed at the opposite end of the elastic, then tie the braid on and wrap it around your winder bung until you are satisfied that the tension is to your likeing. I have sucessfully used this method for two years know and never had a problem. So two for the price of one mate, makes it cheap as chips.
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            I use hydro very similar to Wedecs' method. 1.5m of red & black in power kits but attached to Preston Hollo winder bung via a length of dacron, making it very easy to adjust tension


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              i have just put dacron on my hydro but thats only because im too tight too buy some new stuff
              Matt Smith
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                Ok Thanks, thats a great help. sounds like its best to keep the hydro at about 5ft then. Just got to catch some carp now lol
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