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margin poles

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  • margin poles

    looking for a long margin pole must be light and strong 9 m plus with spares.what do you recomend and why there are just so many to go at i would like veiws from ones tested please

    thank you in advance
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  • #2
    try the yank and bank well recomended.


    • #3
      shimano beastmaster nuff said
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      Homer J Simpson.


      • #4
        another vote for the outstanding yank-n-bank - go and have a feel at some in your budget though before you take any advise from individuals
        Sean Hanrahan


        • #5
          Ive been using my bro's jurassic carp 2 and its awesome. Its coped with some real zoo creatures and im not looking forward to giving him it back


          • #6
            garbolino margin master


            • #7
              anyone got one of these seems to be strong as hell match kit is a 20+ then there is a power kit
              TECHNIUM XTA MARGIN 10mt
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              • #8
                Yank and Bank isn't anywere near as good as the Beastmaster.
                I have had both.