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Starter pole advice

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  • Starter pole advice

    Since having a quite a successful go 'on the pole' at the Cudmore show, my son has decided that's what he'd like. I know nowt about pole fishing but have agreed that he can have a budget margin pole to start with. On the basis that he just might get fed up with it quite quickly (as kids do!) I'm looking at kits around the £20-30 mark, including a Middy combined pole/whip that my local tackle shop has at £22.50.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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    ok m8 as you say it may be just a fad but if your son is really into fishing then its a good chance that he will love you have mentioned Middy combined pole/whip .personally i would go for the middy white nuckle 6m this can be bought as a package from most places for about £35 also i know it may be out of budget but there is a hell of a lot of slightly longer ones that will make great margin sticks if he gets into pole fishing hence no need to buy a margin stick later like the MIDDY WIZARD 9.5m POLE PACKAGE £89 With an elastic rating of 22 and weighing only 535g at 8m 1 x Wizard 8m pole.
    1 x Wizard 9.5m extension.
    1 x Power Take Apart Top Two Kit.
    2 x Full Elastication Kits (bungs, elastics, bushes and connectors).
    1 x ready to use Pellet Carp Rig.
    1 x pack of 2 Slide Cupps.
    just an example if you pay that little bit more you get a lot better and save in the long run im sure that other people will add more examples so ill leave it at that.hope this was of some help...
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      Middy White Knuckle 6m pole is good comes with 2 top kits and 2 rigs can be found at £30 at some places i got mine for £40

      Also this pole is reasonably light at full length and i have caught carp upto 17lb on it
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        Thanks for that guys. I do know of this pole as the guy at one of my local tackle shops said it was very popular. Will definitely be considering it as a possibility. Cheers.


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          Middy white knuckle, 2 top kits, 2 rigs and 1 pot for £38.00. The lad is very happy with his new toy. Even better if he catches with it at Wassell Grove tomorrow

          Considering the cost its a very good piece of kit and reatively light.

          Thanks all for your recommendations.