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Which hollo do i need

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  • Which hollo do i need

    Need some advice re Preston Hollo elastic. I am looking for something in the middle of grey and black hydro, do i need the green 13H ?

    Also what do you think of it ?

    And whilst i'm here... pulla bungs, yes or no ?



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    for what it's worth - I use 13H with a pulla bung for carp up to 5lb in open water and not had any problems and doesn't bump off any slivers I encounter.


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      Try the red vespe,it's really good,pull bung's are personal pref. really.


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        pulla bungs yes/no

        i would say only use pulla bungs if your going to use a holllow elastic so you should be fine, i tested them with some latex elastic and seemed to be losing a few fish after a few pulls.

        i spoke to des shipp at the fish o mania and he told me not to use the latex with the pulla bungs because it doesnt have the same properties as the hollo (obvioulsy) and only the hollow really has the best properties for using with a pulla bung. He said he never uses solid/latex unless hes canal fishing like any elastic below 4-5 and never with a pulla bung.


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          Originally posted by FORDY 1 View Post
          Try the red vespe,it's really good,pull bung's are personal pref. really.
          Cheers Steve,
          Do you mean the regular flouro stuff, rated about 12's ? I had a look at vespe website and they also do some red hollow stuff but thats a bit fierce for what i need.

          They also do some orange and yellow stuff but i think thats for holding your footplate up

          I see a few guys at Woodland view using blue elastic which seemed perfect, i was bumping F1's with black hydro but with the grey it takes too long to get them in. Any ideas what the blue might be ?

          Maybe grey hydro with a pulla bung might be right ?


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            The drennan pink hollow core in my opinion when stretched off is a bit lighter than black hydro and not as harsh on the strike. I dont like grey hydro anymore and have stopped using it as i find it discolours and wears around the dacron connector quickly, I also had some snap for no reason. You could try a double numer 6 slip on a pulla bung for F1s?


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              hi mate ive been usin the preston 15 hollow it covers everything and yes to pulla bungs been using them since they come out only advise is people tend to over pull the elastic mate which puts to much presure on the hook hold and you will pull out alot of fish so only pull it a few times not to risk hook pulls, and somethin i like is the double elastic ive been usin double no.8 and 10's today and i think they work as well as hollo mate the double no.8 goes forever and the tens just kill em lol try it see what you think
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