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Shakespeare Mach 3 feeder V Drennan 7 Series

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  • Shakespeare Mach 3 feeder V Drennan 7 Series

    I'm looking for a new feeder rod at the minute. I have my eyes on a Shakespeare Mach 3 feeder after buying one of the very popular and impressive Shakespeare Mach 3 FD reels.

    I popped into my local tackle shop yesterday to take a closer look and i was really impressed with how it felt and in particular looked (of course looks isn't everything) The 10.5 ft version was all they had available and was priced at £80.

    Whilst in there I also looked at a series 7 feeder rod that was able to be used at 9 or 11.5 ft so offered some flexibility. The rod itself wasn't as attractive as the Shakespeare one but obviously Drennan's are popular rods and I've also heard good things about these too.

    The shop owner said that one of the benefits of a Drennan rod over the Shakey is that Drennen and Daiwa tips are interchangeable and very very easy to get hold of. The drennen rod was £5 more expensive at £85 but did come with the option to be used at 9 or 11.5 ft.

    The rod bags were very different in that the Shaky one looked great and had the ability to be left made up with reel attached and came with two rod bands for the rod to be secured whilst made up. The drennen one was very plain jane really and was probably the biggest off putter.

    From my descriptions above it is clear to me and probably you that the shakespeare wins my vote. The problem is that i dont want to fall for style over substance and make a wrong decision.

    Does anyone have any experience of these rods and any suggestions on my choice?

    Most of fishing is done on a local club lake that holds bream and carp to 15lb. I do also go to commercials sometimes and would plan on using the rod for medium feeder work including method and cage feeder work.

    Thanks in advance for your replys.