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seized pole sections

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  • seized pole sections

    after fishing in the rain i cant slide the sections down on my telescopic top kit . they are seized solid. any ideas how to release them? thanks for any advice.

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    this sounds brutal, but hold the top of the pole and tap the bottom of the pole section on a solid surface [carpet is ideal] in the direction you want the siezed section to come out, not on a surface which will damage your pole obviously. works every time for me usually on river bank.
    ps if you damage your pole ive already emigrated!


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      Try leaving it near radiator for a while then try it. If that doesn't work try pushing in whilst someone gently rolls or tapps the joint, bit dodgy with a top 2 though!


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        seeing its telescopic pull the elastic out as far as u can then try to push down on one section and pull on the other. It might be that the elastic is caught somewhere. if u have got an extracter rod for ur bung try n get the bung out and pull the elastic tight so u no for definite it is not caught anywhere.


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          adaz has the right idea but I was told by Andy Kinder the best thing to tap it on is a flat peice of wood.
          I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
          He says he gives me good advice. does he ?


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            mate there is only one way to seperate pole joints i always use it on a take apart section but its worth a try on yours if you hold the no.2 and your mate holds the no.1if you hold just below the joint with your left hand and put your right hand on the joint and rotate it in a circular motion and at the same time while your doin that get your mate to push the no.1 towards you make sure ha is only holdin the section about 8inch above the joint so it dont flex to much while he is push it always releases the joint mate
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              thanks for all the advice. i got it unsiezed. i just risked it and tapped it hard in the carpet. didnt break it thankfully.