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elasticating my pole

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  • elasticating my pole

    when i elesticate my pole i cant seem to get it right, either it is too short where by when i hook a fish it does not come out much or too long and it stretches half way across the pool.!! whats best way to check its the right tension/ length when i elasticate it.

    thanks in advance

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    loose elastic

    Hi, Mouseman, not sure if this is your answer but it works for me, i now use Preston Puller bungs in all my top kits. you just pull it out and shorten the elastic, if it goes a bit floppy after a time just re-tie it. It worked for me. hope this helps..Regards Bill


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      use a winder bung ie preston wants arnt bad,when your elastic is going back in the pole it should slowly creep back in the last inch or so my mate set mine up for me this way landed loads more fish


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        As a guide when using solid elastic, if you put the elastic through the pole and set it so its just under tension, then pull the connector you have on the end until the elastic almost bottoms out, repeat this a few times then re-tie the bung taking up any slack.


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          elasticating my pole

          ok cheers guys, thanks for the info.


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            stora bungs i hav n u jus wind them tighter for less elastic if it comes out at the tip or pulla bungs are good but only us wen the fish is comin towrds u.