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advice on a trolley

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  • advice on a trolley

    hello all,
    i have the preston on box 6 which is very nice thank you and holds my 18 odd stone quite well. but the only fault is it is quite heavy and i want a trolley for it but have been hearing differnt things regarding the preston trolley, ie: wheels puncturing and the bar that holds it on marking the seat?
    any advice on what trolley would fit it.?

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    No doubt but get the space shuttle. best trolley ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      yes second that best trolley ever shuttle is if you can get one in very short supply apparently


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        RRp around £80 but will get one for £70. Most good tackle shops sell them or will order u one !!


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          yup deffo space shuttle
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            shuttle mate its a god send
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              advice on a trolley

              well, looks like the shuttle it is then thanks for the advice guys


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                shuttle is the best on the market