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Match reel advice - SPRO RedArc / pxr 3000 ???

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  • Match reel advice - SPRO RedArc / pxr 3000 ???

    I have just purchased a 9'6 drennan puddle chucker and a 11'6 puddle chucker. I am after a reel that would work well with these two sizes of rod. I will mainly be using it for feeder fishing or fishing the splasher . I was thinking around the £60- £70 price range. I was wondering if anyone would consider any ideas and what you think about the Preston PXR 3000 and the SPRO RedArc ???

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    Can't comment on the Preston, but I have a pair of Red Arcs and they are superb.
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      The Spro is a far better reel than the preston.If it were me i'd buy the Spro.
      Whats a commercial fishery ?


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        hi mate, yeah i agree with the other 2 guys the spro is a much much better reel than the preston, but for the type of money you want to spend have a look at the daiwa whisker 3012
        these are a cracking reel for the money and will stand up to continuous cranking that you are about to give them.


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          I agree with upinthewater the Spro is a decent reel but i think the Daiwa is better, I have 4 Whiskers and cannot fault them.


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            The red arc has now shot up in price to near £100 unless anyone has old stock at original price,we got ours for £60 ,cracking at that money.Handle shape can take a bit of getting used to and since have found the cheaper Blue arc to have many of the redarcs virtues with a more typical handle shape.We use whiskers for pelletwag and find okay except for occasional bail arm issues. eg not fully engaging.The spro's and daiwas such as the caldia have a very positive air bail system which can make the whiskers seem slightly weaker in action,although they have fair winding power under load,good line lay and user freindly bale arm fold for ready mades.Not fair to comment on preston as don,t own one but went for spro for similiar money.


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     | Products | SPRO RedArc

              i have found it for £60 ish . what model is it that u lads have and would reccommend.


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                I've got 2 red arc's and can't fault them cracking reels. Used them for mag n wag and pellet waggler work so far, not tried them for feeder fishing yet. Very pleased i bought them.


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                  Get a Shakespear Mach 3 030. Comes with 3 spare spools. Only £35. Use one for all my pellet waggler fishing never had a problem.


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                    Originally posted by TinCanMan View Post
                    Get a Shakespear Mach 3 030. Comes with 3 spare spools. Only £35. Use one for all my pellet waggler fishing never had a problem.
                    Or the Shakey Mach 3 040 reel if your budget allows as they're a little more robust. I've got one on my feeder setup. Probably the best reel I've ever used.