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  • best pole

    im asking for comments on high end poles from people that have them and have used them so whats the stiffest,lightest,strengths weakness ect.
    must be 16m and could you also state the spares package


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    I've just bought a G10, and so far have been well impressed with it. It's handled everything I've had so far (fish to 12lb), and seems to be one of the stronger high end poles. I had a waggle with the Parabolix, Preston Gis12, Airity, TP,, Sensas 774 and the Maver poles, and the G10 was the stiffest out of the lot (although not the lightest). The Maver seemed the lightest to me - but ive always had garbolino poles.

    You get:-
    -2 x top 4 kits
    -3 xTop 3 kits
    -2 x Power Top 2 kits
    -2 x short power 4 sections
    -1 x Extendable cupping kit and cups
    -Super G Light Holdall

    I bought a couple of extra power kits with mine - £55 each.

    I suppose ultimately it depends what you want from a pole which determines what you buy.



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      has anyone looked at the maver elite 77 ?
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        Originally posted by rich200 View Post
        has anyone looked at the maver elite 77 ?
        not many people have got £3k(rrp) to spend bud, no doubt a cracking pole but ive always said theres no need to spend anywhere near half that on a fantastic pole for pleasure/match anglers !!
        Sean Hanrahan


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          go for the g10 m8 loads better then maver crap!


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            if uve got thousands to spend the daiwa arity has to be the one
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              Garbo G10 is a good bit of kit.Thats what I got.
              Depends on what you want but try a few out for yourself before you spend your wedge!!!


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                cheers lads have been looking at the prestons gis 12 (very stiff super pole at 14.5 ) garbolino g10 (ultra stiff but a little on the heavy side at 16m) and the daiwa tourney pro (very stiff and quite light even at 16m) any other's i have missed ?
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                  I have the Tri-cast Aristocrat which is the best balanced pole I have ever used,I frequently use it at 16 metres and it is a lot better balanced than my Tourney pro,if you buy this pole I would advice that you also buy the short interex section as this stiffens the pole up quite a lot.
                  This is a top class strong pole,and parts will be available for years.

                  Tri-Cast Poles from Highfield Angling

                  Aristocrat Competition Pole - Tri-Cast Fishing


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                    just to add a little spice to this i just bought an tourni pro - i was told that daiwa stiffened a mid section and a new paint job and came up with the arity at 4-500 quid more, so being a tight get i went cheaper plus i couldnt feel the difference.
                    i looked at the aristocrat as i have history with tricast poles,(i still own 2 original XRS poles,they are the ulimate margin pole if you can get your hands on an 11m version cheap) anyhow i was unsure about the aristocrat i didnt like the feel, anyhow the other serious contenders the prestons the one(i felt spares were to expensive) and i looked at the G10 i liked this alot it felt spot on but i chickened out and went for the tried and tested tourniment pro.

                    well i was told something this evening - there is a tackle show on at Haydock Park racecourse this weekend and i was chewing the fat with someone who works for rod and mal scott at the shows they run and i told him about my new pole and the ins and outs of choosing it then the bombshell he told me the price they were going to be selling the G10 at the show some 350 quid cheaper than the best price i found and well under 2 grand,that would have been the deal clincher for me.
                    apparently garbolino want a few more out there being used by anglers,so word of mouth spreads about how good they are,which is still the best way of selling a pole,so they are doing a bit of a loss leader job.

                    so if anyone wants one get down to haydock sharpish this weekend

                    while i will be sulking on sunday - after seeing man utd stuff my team on saturday(expecting a backlash after burnley tonight) and fishing banister farm knowing i could have an extra *** quid sitting in my bank account.
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                      Could somebody put me straight as I'm obviously missing something here --no great surprise. In the latest Garbolino catalogue and their website, they state that the G10 standard top 3 kit(K3G10V) is 3.0m long and the standard top 4 kit(K4G10VUK) is 6.05m long. Surely this is a misprint as it would make the no.4 section 3.05m long.
                      And does anyone else think that Grant Allbutts smile on the catalogue cover makes him look like Hannibal Lector about to eat your eyeballs? No offence Grant if you read this...just joking,
                      you might be bigger than me.
                      I got a new rod for the wife. I'll miss her, but it's a quality rod.