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2 or 3 sections plz help

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  • 2 or 3 sections plz help

    hi all im back with another question,just brought some new laccy dual maver competition 12-20.
    should i feed this through 2sections or 3? im a bit worried as to putting it through the first section as it look rather thin im using a maver pole deliverance.
    my second question is im attaching 0.15 line(5lb 14oz line)should i use this straight through or use a different breaking line for the hook length bit confused so all the help would be good thanks.

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    if its going through a top 3 kit then remove the nunber 1 section and just put it through the 2and 3 sections. If you are putting through a power top 2 then just make sure its cut back to allow the elastic to work freely.
    Hook lengths are a personal choice some do use them some dont, I do use a hook length which means i can soon change up or down a hook size, others will tell you that they dont because it another week link in a rig, but i can honestly say that I have not been broken at the joint between a hook link and rig line


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      Personally I like to go straight through with whatever line I am using - unless it is in winter and I am using below 0.10 and then I use 0.10 mainline with my desired lower diameter hooklength.

      Basically you shouldnt need as strong as 0.15 unless you are up against some really big carp or you have alot of snags and have to bully them out of the peg. 0.13 is strong enough in most pole situations even through the summer - just try tying a piece of 0.10 to the end of your elastic and to a fence and see if you can break it - dont try too hard because I bet the pole will break before the line!
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        there is some big carp at sherwood park fisherys and with my luck i would get stuck into one by mistake so what would be the best size line and should i use my elastic i brought any ideas and suggestions i will use if ya give me 2 setups for my pole i be greatfull i will add details of sherwood lake here

        Sherwood is our largest lake with 64 pegs on 4¾ acres. It’s S shaped and reed fringed with fishing from both sides. Depths range from 3ft at peg 1 in front of the bailiff’s cabin on the field side to 5½ ft. at peg 45 on the roadside. There are 14 different species in the lake including carp to 20lbs, tench to 6lbs, roach and orfe to 2lbs and bream to 4lbs. The match record is nearly 80lbs whilst there have been many pleasure nets of over 100lbs!

        There are lots of islands, bars, lilies and reeds etc. except between pegs 42-66, but this is where the bream live
        Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery - UK Coarse Fishing in Nottinghamshire