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  • the right choice

    hi every1..ive been on the hunt for a new only a pleasure angler so i dont want or need nething to far people have suggest the garbolino squad max 5 13m, the diawa sr2 12.5, shimano technium xtb 13m, i have also just noticed the garbolino match mayhem for a little more money. can ne1 give me some help so i dont buy the wrong thing. thanks

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    Having seen a few threads asking much the same question, the Daiwa SR2 would seem to be the best choice out of the 3 you mention. But at the end of the day, it's your choice. I'm only going by what i've read.
    I got a new rod for the wife. I'll miss her, but it's a quality rod.


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      i just do pleasure fishing and iv got the mavor power lite it is a very good all round pole its £399 and you get 2 match kits 3 power witch 1 is a cupping kit but at the end of the day you need to go to your local tackle shop and hold diffrent poles and see witch 1 you feel comfortable with thats the best thing you can realy do hope this helps