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Which one?

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  • Which one?

    Preston OffBox Pro Roost kit £35

    Ultimate Universal Pole Roost Kit 8 Way £12.99

    Same thing big difference in price!

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    no idea


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      the preston one can tilt and can fit different box legs


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        THE PRSETON ONE IS OF A FAR BETTER BUILD QUALITY.the ultimate stuff is cheap and nasty.bit like the wife!!!
        talk anglings villiage idiot:p


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          the pro roost is good mate i had one you will be happy with it
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            neither will get a lot of hammer really - mine cost £8 it screws into a bank stick that can go anywhere and ive superglued two pieces of foam to the edge of my large side tray, the foam is rippled and is used to keep ladies toes apart when they're applying nail varnish - it does a job for me and it aint cost £35
            Sean Hanrahan


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              Hi Stan the preston one is the best it comes in a bag and it folds away easy its strong and it fits any box .Ive had one for three years and never had a problem with it