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Advice on choosing first rod...

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  • Advice on choosing first rod...

    Hi. I’ve not fished for an extremely long time and have just started up again using a very old & not particularly brilliant rod. I like to do both float fishing & ledgering which I am doing with my current rod but am on the look out for a new one. However, I’m a tad confused by all the different rod types on the market and wondered if someone would clear a few things up for me a maybe recommend a rod to get me started which could be used for both methods. I assume it’s best to have a specialist rod for each method but initially I would ideally like to get just the one for the time being.

    I see there are float roads and ledger road which seem self explanatory, but what is a match rod? Is this what I’m looking for?

    Also, I have seen there is a Matt Hayes ‘All Rounder’ which would seem to fit the bill, with interchangeable sections with quivers tips for feeder/ledgering and float ends. Is this the only one of its kind or do similar less expensive versions exist? I’m looking in the range of £50-£60.

    Thanks for any help you can offer, Richard.

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    This might be just what your looking for Richard.DEAN MACEY SPECIMEN AVON TWIN TIP ROD
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      I'll have a look at this one. Sounds ideal. Thanks for your help.