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MAP Tks 40 or MAP Definition

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  • MAP Tks 40 or MAP Definition

    Hi all, Hope all is well?

    I have been advised to get the new MAP Tks 40 because my budget is under £1000.
    I can get the 40 or the Definition for £700 but I would like all your opions and advice first please.

    The thing is I need a pole that I can use on canals (which I mostly fish cause I am based in Germany and fish in Holland alot) and also on commercials when I come back to the UK.

    Tight lines all...............

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    I have the Definition which is probably more a match pole than an out and out bagging pole, although is rated to a 16 elastic, it is plenty stiff enough at 14 1/2 metres for silvers, remove the number 1 section and it gives you 8 kits for the commercial scene and 8 number ones to laccy up for your canal work, have a shop around you might even find it for £600. Not tried a TKS40 other than in the pole alley but it did seem slightly better than the Definition top kits are interchangeable between the Definition and TKS40 as are the Adrenelin Pro which I suspect is the same pole as the Definition as all the sections on both poles have the same code number.


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      Thanks for the reply Bri, I much appreciate it. Where abouts do you think I could get the cheapest MAP poles from?


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        Try Fosters in Birmingham heres the web site although they may not have MAP poles on site they do stock them Fosters of Birmingham - the complete fishing tackle specialists


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          Fishermans Friend may also be worth a call Fishermans Friend - Discount Tackle, Poles, Rods, Reels


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            Cheers again Bri, this site is excellent.......


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              just purchased a map 30, they seem a very good pole,iv been silver fishing with it aswell as for big carp and it handled perfectly, light and with good interchangable kits, the tks has more of an appeal for a bigger range of venues


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                i have the adrenalin pro two lads i know one has tks40 other has definition ,we think definition is a bit lighter than the adrenalin its also hybrid top kits but the short number fours from adrenalin fit both and all top kits fit each pole ,al three are very good poles


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                  Thanks for the advice Ryan and Flote.
                  Just having problems with people not posting to Germany.


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                    TEZ Matchmen supplies will post to germany ,they are in Nottingham,they post to a mate of mine who lives in germany ,if you need any more info the please pm or e mail me keith