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Some Pictures at last -

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  • Some Pictures at last -

    Thank you for of the information that you guys have given me.

    I have managed to start putting pics up in Flickr, some of them are a bit ropey but please have a look.

    I have started with the older rods and will start putting up the reels and newer stuff asap.

    Thanks for all of your help .

    Wiggle Waggle

    Rods First

    Flickr: Squareeyes' Photostream

    Rods Second

    Flickr: Squareeyes2's Photostream

    Rods Third

    Flickr: Squareeyes3's Photostream
    This ones not full yet.....

    You can click on the pics to get bigger versions....

    More to follow in a little while.
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    Thats some collection your dad put togeter,it looks pristine.i had the pleasure of fishing with a Billy lane match rod(it wasnt mine,couldnt afford one)after cane and solid glass it felt as light as a feather back then.Regards Peter.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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      Cheers Peter.

      Did you have a look at the Hexagraphs that is was on about on the third link.

      Cheers Peter


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        Yes mate,to play a big fish on one of those is the stuff dreams are made of,do you know if your dad used them,and have you got any pics of him with fish,the guy at talltrees told me he cleared the old fishing hut and threw away a load of old photos,including the ones of Dick Walker,what a waste.Regards Peter.
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        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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          I think that he used them a few times, but as you can guess he probably bought something else and then put these in the fishing safe. I sure that after he brought these he went through a shimano phase.

          I still have more pics to put up of reels, newer rods and sea gear... I'm getting sore eyes

          Mum has some photos that I am going to scan for her, and We have some press photos from the early 60's that the photographer gave to him, they were at the bottom of an old canvas tackle bag and a bit bug**red, but I am gonna scan them and spend some time restoring them in good old photo-shop.

          Any information on the Vortex rods would be great, the name "VORTEX" is just superbly retro!!

          I also really love the steel cored elasticane boat rod, it feels like it could impale an elephant.

          As ever, thanks a lot guys.



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            Added more to link 3.....

            Thank guys