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Lots of questions, getting back in to it

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  • Lots of questions, getting back in to it

    Hi all, got the bug to get back in to this after not fishing for over 6 years so lots of questions as I'm sure things have moved on since I last went

    mainlines - what do you reccommend for float and feeder/lead lines now for both river and stillwater up to method style bagging?
    hooklengths - to suit above
    Rigline - pole line for silvers through to zoo creatures
    Nets - would nets from 6 years ago (Keenets commercial fishery approved carp and silver nets) still be ok

    Pole - not going to splash on a new one just in case it's a passing fad but what would £350 get me 2nd hand? Looking for all rounder capable of silvers and commercial sized carp?

    What size do carp run to these days in the commercials, most places round my way the fish were high singles to low doubles, they still the same or do you need to gear up for regularly catching doubles?

    Many more questions will follow I'm sure so apologies for being a nuisance and thanks in advance for your help.


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    here is a few answers to your question
    i tend to use preston direct mono 7lb/8lb
    line for all my feeder work on commies just because you never
    know whats going to take you bait
    hooks lengths are 4" hair rigs with preston pr36 hooks
    i use the preston hair rigs 4" to 15" depends if i need slightley longer hook lenth
    you nets sound fine to use as for poles you will always find a pole for sale on here
    really depends what your looking for on the price range you have
    for river fishing i cant really help apart from i tend to use 5lb main
    to a 3lb hook lenth