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my morning at forsters

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  • my morning at forsters

    Hi all i went to fosters this morning to have a look at a few poles and hopefully buy one,so i left nottingham at 7.30 and arrived at fosters for around 8.45(would of been earlier but missed the turning )got there as one of the owners arrived can't remember his name got grey hair,anyway after he opened up i went in explained i traveled a fair way, well 56miles to be exact.

    first thing he asked was do i want a coffee? well first i was gagging for the loo then had a coffee had to wait for someone who knew more about poles then came along gary picken.
    explained i wanted a new pole and took me over to the pole alley,due to them only being there 2weeks they didnt have every pole out but could get em if i asked,anyway so we started looking at how much i could afford said 900 max.
    There was a seat box there to which was good least i got to sit and hold it proper.
    so we started looking at the maver range(to many to mention) not bad but they didnt seem right for me, didnt have the g8 in stock but i would of never thought about shimano poles, allways thought shimano was the cheaper end of fishing gear well i was wrong.
    Gary got me set up with the Exage AX Competition 14.5m was impressed with this pole stiff and light and a good price.then gary sorted out the Speedmaster Pole 16m xt comp pole.
    He had to get one from out back as had none out.
    so anyway sat down and held it in me hands first impressions at 13 WOW this beats my maver deliverance hands down feels so different stiff and very light, each section slides in nice and smooth.
    so gary put the full 16mtrs on(never fished this long before)and to my surprise it felt good even at 16 it didnt feel any heavier, didnt look like a bananna either, which suprised me,by this time there was a few chaps looking at the pole with great interest(seems a popular pole)so after another play and another coffee i decided to buy

    Shimano - Speedmaster Pole 16m £750.00

    After we got that bit sorted gary offered to laccy all my top kits for me and did my cupping kit as well,even sorted me out with those clean pole protectors for free, tryed to haggle the price but should be 1500 so was'nt to bothered, got a couple laccys free and those protectors u shove in the sections.
    now this bit got me i even got 2 spare 4 sections which came with it as well which you dont see much of in most poles and i decent pole holder (pitty i already got a new preston one)
    so my laccys are
    match top 2's- yellow no'6, latex no'10, red no'12.
    power top 2's- red no'12, green no'14.

    whilst garry was doing the laccy's 2 other chaps brought the same pole so they must be doing well at that price.

    final comments:
    first class service from gary picken very polite and helpfull, and gave me some really good advice which i never knew about the rest of the staff are really nice and we had a laugh plenty to see and buy there,i told them about talk angling they seemed excited when i said fosters gets mentioned a lot and we mentioned your new store .So to finish of my report i will say go and vist fosters and speak to any of the staff if gary picken is there he will help you choose the right pole for you 10/10

    one last thing gary picken told me buying a 1500 pole is not always gonna be better than 500 pole.
    i for one will always think twice prior to buying that more expensive item

    any questions please feel free to leave a message below

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    thats what i would have gone for too Rick sounds like you done well
    :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
    [I]Mr 3oz number 1[/I] ><))))*>


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      A handy report Rick! Should sell a few poles!
      John - Kingfisher
      Talk Angling Senior Member
      Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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        thanks chaps, come on lets have some more feed back


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          Me and Andy 222 have been on about that pole for ages we first saw it months ago when our mate went to buy a new pole off insurance claim,we tryed all off them that Fosters had on showand it won hands down.Since then Andys had one and Im trying to scrape the money together for one.I recon I recon I could fish with it all day in comfort
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            How many top kits come and spares with this one?
            Going to get a new pole in a week or two.
            Will i get 3 coffees going a hundred miles?


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              Originally posted by mpo38
              How many top kits come and spares with this one?
              Going to get a new pole in a week or two.
              Will i get 3 coffees going a hundred miles?
              u shall get match tops 3 x3
              power top 2's x2
              strong number 5 section
              and 2 section 4's
              ya drink as much as you want m8


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                sounds like you did do well there will have a look at there site
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