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Quiver or feeder rod

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  • Quiver or feeder rod

    I,m not new to angling but what really is the difference between a quiver rod and a feeder rod as i have been told that they are the same just that the name is different.I have bought a small quiver rod 9ft which casts between 10g and 30g so theirs not much difference to a feeder rrod.

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    a feeder rod use quiver tips or swing tips depends on the type of rod
    most rods now have 3 tips tend to be between 3/4oz 1oz 1.5oz 2oz
    most people use tips some people use swing tips
    a quiver and feeder rod are the same the tips will decide what size feeders you use


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      Quivertip rod as the name suggests is a rod with a quiver for bite detection,this was originaly screwed into the end of the rod.later they were spliced and now most are push in and inter changeable.a feeder rod is designed to be capable of casting feeders of varying weights,most do incorporate a quiver but is not essential,as bite detection can be in other forms,ie touch ledgering,butt indicator,bobbin,sidewinder,electronic indicator or best of all the rod tip being pulled over/ conclusion a quivertip rod can be used for feeder fishing but a feeder rod doesent HAVE to have a quiver. Regards Peter.
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        cheers for that am now a bit wiser once again cheers