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Clever Claw MK2 Review

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  • Clever Claw MK2 Review

    Here is an impartial review on the Clever claw mk2 which I was lucky enough to win on this forum.First of all I would just like to say what a really simple piece of kit this is but makes fishing with a pole that much easier.Along with the claw itself you also get a DVD on which Nick the inventor goes through some of the different techniques you can adopt whether you are fishing with the pole short or long or using a float or feeder rod.I must admit the main reason I wanted the clever claw was to use my pole at the full 14 to 16 meter length,and it didn't disappoint. I was using mine with a spray bar and after my first session I felt i'd been using it for years, it really is that easy to master and because you have both hands free, feeding with a catapult is as in my case a lot more accurate.The one thing I was a bit nervous about was if I was going to be able react quick enough if I was to hook into a fish because I was fishing close to a snag. I was firing micro pellets with my catapult and I tend to lift my float every couple of minutes then after about 10 mins I was into my first fish I was glad it was only a small skimmer because I did flap a little when trying to disengage the claw.I placed my pole under the claw and started to ship out and its amazing how smooth of action you can maintain it's got to be an advantage when used with a cupping kit.After a constant stream of bait going in I hooked in to 3 more skimmers before hooking into a carp of about 2lb and all I did this time was sort of cock my wrist and this alows the claw to disengage and I was into playing the fish.Something else I noticed at the end of a 5 hour session my back didn't seem to have that tight feeling I normally have.In summary I can honestly say I would definately recommend the clever claw to all anglers of all levels I can't think of any negative comments to say it really is as I said at the beginning of my review a simple but effective piece of kit and I believe they only cost in the region of £25.Go on buy one.

    Cheers Kev Minchell.

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    sounds good mate just wat i need