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daiwa sr3 pole

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  • daiwa sr3 pole

    hi , has anyone used this pole, is it any good? have read reviews and sounds pretty good. cheers, wilf
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    I've had a quick go while filming for Daiwa and it feels pretty good for the money. Check out the Daiwa website and you can see the film we did (not our editing though!) with Will using all of the SR range.
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      I had a waggle with one of these at Evesham the other week and was well impressed with it for the money. It felt fully fishable at at full length if you don't need 16m. Go and have a waggle yourself. You might be impressed as well
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      I got a new rod for the wife. I'll miss her, but it's a quality rod.


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        good god this pole is good

        very very good my dad owns one and he loves it its sturdy stable and responsive so overall a good pole trust me u buy this pole and u cant go wrong mate ps how did hunt street go?


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          hi mate ive got one and im not just sayin this cause ive got one but its the dogs b####x its strong got 4 power kits a match kit and cuppin kit its a great tool and hookin an size carp ive had complete confidence in gettin them in the pole does the job with ease i seen it on the daiwa site will raison usin it so brought it i will recommend you get one look around you will get it cheaper than what they say
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            not seen the sr3, but was looking at the sr4 & the 12.5m sr2 on Saturday, well impressed with both of those, the sr4 was very very nice but I was surprised how rigid & obviously fishable the sr2 was as it is lower down the range than the sr4

            I kind of concluded if both the sr2 & sr4 are that good, then the sr3 will obviosly be a nice pole too


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              thanks for info guys, unfortunetly the one i was going to buy has been sold, a bargain at £340 . brand new and un used. have got my poles up for sale so depending on how much they sell for, i might still be able to buy one, cheers. wilf..
              :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused: