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Ledger Weights???

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  • Ledger Weights???

    Hi. Could anyone advise me on ledger weights. Which to use in which situation? Still relatively new to fishing, I have up until now been using swimfeeders only. However, I'm off to the Severn in a couple of weeks fishing for Barbel and what I have in mind is ledger fishing with a PVA mesh bag on the hook. I have been looking at ledgers and don't know where to start. There are so many varieties and weights. Pear, Square Pear, Flat Pear, Grippa, Bomb, Link Ledger, Watch Lead!!!! The list is seemingly endless with weights varying between 1oz up to as much as 10oz.

    So I guess what I'm asking is how do I know which to chose? Which type and of what weight for Barbel fishing on the Severn and which for general fishing on still commercial fisheries? Cheers. Richard.

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    the new gurur bombs are a good allrounder.


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      For most of what you require a standars round pear(Arlsey bomb)will do just fine,get a few different weights to cope with the dstances you need to cast and the flow of the river,if you put them on your line with a quick change link you can swop them without breaking down & have the option to change to a feeder,all the others you mention have thier uses but to start with this is all you realy need.Regards Peter
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        I would say get a couple of flat pears as well if the river is running fast a heavy flat pear will sit on the bottom and give a better hold, by heavy I mean 3 to 5 oz


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          Thanks all. That's really useful. Cheers, Richard.