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Budget reel/s

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  • Budget reel/s

    Hey everyone

    Ive been fishing for a few months and have been really getting in to it. Ive just been using a cheap shakespeare match rod and a no-brand baitrunner reel for some float and method carp fishing. Im looking to get some new tackle as my reel has died on me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good reel/s? Budget: £50

    Ive seen a deal for two Okuma lexsan baitfeeders for £30 but cant find any reviews or any real info about the product.

    Also looking for a fairly cheap carp rod to go with it.

    BTW I know next to nothing about the various brands of fishing tackle apart from everyone tells me Shimano are awesome, (dont think I can afford their prices though!) so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope you're all still catching


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    Dont know about the lexsans, but ive got app15 Okumas and they are good reliable reels for very little money.
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      Take a look at the Shakespeare Mach3 reels they are good quality and can be foud for between £30-£40 you get 3 spare spools.
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        have a look at the okuma interceptor baitrunner a very good reel that should be in your budget.


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          Thanks for the quick replies. Im busy drooling my way through several websites. Anyone heard anything about Mitchell premium freespool reels?


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            At one time Mitchell 300 was the ultimate reel(theres still plenty going strong today,Bernard uses one on the catching the impossible dvd)but to be honest i would not buy a new one now,if your interested ive got two Okuma dynadrag size 30 baitrunners with spare can have them for £20.00 the pair.will do for float/feeder/light carp fishing.Regards Peter.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              Another vote for the Shakespeare Mach 3. 3 spare reels great reel. Class