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EXceed Disgorgers

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  • EXceed Disgorgers

    I recently received a couple of samples of the much discussed EXceed disgorger, so what are my impressions of the product, well a disgorger is not really a product that will be vastly different to what may allready be on the market, much the same as a reel or a pole. The EXceed disgorger is in design similar to a standard disgorger with an additional lug that ensures the line does not slip out whilst locating the hook, a must for those fish that take the hook down to their tail, and makes for fast unhooking, the other significant difference is in the superior qualty of plastic used in the moulding, with the smaller of the two certainly being stronger than a cheapo job that often bend and shear the ends off.
    I am told that they will retail at 99p which is good value for a quality disgorger, that is as good at removing hooks as a slamo type disgorger, and is aslo a British product which makes a refreshing change.
    Look out for them in your local tackle shops.

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    i will wait for a report from somebody who catches fish LOL!!!
    I want an end peg


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      after all that trouble in the forums about this product they are retailing at 99p?

      I cant help but think they p!ssed a few people off and some people may not buy one.

      As posted above i await a review on the item and if positive will be more than willing to buy one


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        John my review is independent, I have nothing to do with the company what so ever, I have never met anyone from the company, however everyone must judge for theirselves.
        As for the stupid comment from Jay411 its what I have come to expect from him, so I am not dissapointed.


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          oh you are a complete sorry cant say it
          I want an end peg


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            Originally posted by johnagall View Post
            after all that trouble in the forums about this product they are retailing at 99p?

            I cant help but think they p!ssed a few people off and some people may not buy one.
            At a quid it's worth a punt.

            And I'm probably one of the people you were thinking of, John. But despite the rather irritating bovine excrement extruded by the inventors, I'll probably give it a try.

            If I ever see one in the shops.....


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              I will give one a go at a quid, are they a better small fish disgorger then brian? as they are the only one's thet seem to swallow the hook deep


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                Apologies Brian I neaver meant to undermine your review. I meant I will await further reviews generally.

                Again, without wanting to labour the point too much, i agree with droid that the everlasting self praise that seemed to have no independant testing peeved me off originally and I think thats what most people's point was.

                Anything that helps fish care and safety is a step forward in my eyes.


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                  No problem just wanted it made clear that I have nothing to do with EXceed, and if I thought the product was no good then I would say so.



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                    i happy to hear they will be a quid that sounds more like it and if they am stronger like brian said the canal version ill be happy cause the cheap ones do bend i look forward to testin them
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                      lLike a lot of others including Droid I got really p..... off with the self praise being heaped on a product that nobody had seen or tried & said at the time if & when they reached the shops I would buy & try. I see the price has dropped dramatically but have yet to see them in the shops. Are they available mail order from the shops that are stocking them?. Hopefully they live up to the hype & the fish benefit. cheers


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                        Heres a list of some of the tackle shops that stock them.
                        stevens tackle cradley heath, mal storey halesowen, canal side tackle merry hill, avon angling center, allseasons angling center leicester, phils tackle tipton .crews carpin and match,fisherman of england walsall,avon aquatics bristol, strike angling oldbury, f wade and son peterborough, chester tackle locker chester,cheshire fishing chester,deeside tackel cheshire, browns leighton buzzard, a b country sports bedfofd, j and p tackle mucklows hill halesowen, fosters of birmingham
                        not sure how many have a website or do mail order but maybe theres a shop near you.



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                          Time to eat your words lads!!!!!!!!!!!

                          I've just ordered them for my shop, D & A Tackle in north London and they will be in stock very soon.
                          I've shown them to many people, from top match men to your everyday pleasure anglers and they all agree it is a good product and the quality is excellent too.

                          Like Brian, I also do not have any links to Exceed, but have been in contact with Joss for quite a while. I know what it's like to have trouble in business and all that the people at Exceed have done from the start was to try and keep people on here informed. It's a British product using British workers and sadly they had problems with getting it produced due to the tooling process in this country, but it's here now and I'm sure there will be a few less Slamo's being sold once people try them.
                          I know the proof of the pudding is in the eating, well only you can judge that, but instead of knocking people, give them a chance, especially when it is home grown talent.

                          Rant over, who wants a pint?


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                            Picked mine up today and I think they're fantastic, such a simple idea but make the good old disgorger 10 times better.

                            Better for me in a match and better for the fish surely as it should be a lot quicker unhooking fish with one of these. Good luck to them.



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                              I'm pleased they have been well received & look forward to using them.Is there a dealer on the site who can give us a price for 2/3/4 including postage delivered. cheers John