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Which Floatrod do u fish?

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  • Which Floatrod do u fish?


    want to know whats ur favourite gear u fish with and hows ur opinion to this rod.

    I likt to fish twelve feet models, prfer Shimano.

    I had a TwinPower 12´ very sensible for small fish
    and several 13 and 14 feet models. Very light rods for smaller fish.

    My favourites are the Ultegra and Diaflash ones.
    prefere twelve feet and 13 feet of them.
    Best i´ve fished till now
    Good for great Distance and bigger fish.

    Cheers GermanAngler


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    13/15 tournaments


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      I have a Shakespeare Mach3 micro pellet waggler rod. This is one of the best rods I have ever owned and used. Well done Shakespeare.


      • #4

        Not many who fish matchrods here!


        • #5
          just started using the new shakey mach 3 15ft rod, cracking bit o kit for waggler fishing ere where using fixed floats 12-14 ft deep


          • #6
            the shakey odessa gold 13ft excellent rod for its price, and the map 13ft parabolix sti power waggler.
            :confused: WOW, things have changed.:confused:


            • #7
              maver power match are good but i dont really fish waggler only the pelly wag.


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                Use it for small bream and carps, bt prefer lakes. Sometimes slow rivers


                • #9
                  For silvers and carp in winter I love the Normark Titan 2000 13ft, got an extension to 15ft but never used it! For carp close in I love the Shakespeare Mach 3 11ft, unbelievable value!


                  • #10
                    My old silver fish rod which has also caught a few carp is an old Daiwa Tom Pickering S which must be over 15 years old now.
                    I also use a shaky mach 3 for pellet waggler fishing which is superb. Ive never had a hook pull when attempting to net a fish using this rod its through action is excellent.


                    • #11
                      I use the Drennan Series 7 11ft 6" - 13ft Carp Waggler Combo.

                      Its great for the pellet waggler as well as general float work.

                      Ive caught carp up to 12lb no problem and its also fine for silvers.


                      • #12
                        I use an old Shakespeare Clubmaster Supreme 13ft I got for xmas some 15+ years ago - still my fav float rod.

                        Ive been using a Garbolino Rocket Carp Waggler rod a lot recently for margin fishing on commercials - had carp to 8lb or so on it - cracking rod for the money.

                        Ive got a Pro Performance 13ft Power float rod from a few years back that Ive used on commercials a few times till I got the Garbolino above.

                        Ive also used a couple of 13ft Daiwa rods that were my Grandads prior to his passing - lovely light soft rods for silvers on the local canal - a Whisker Kevlar 13ft and a Whisker Harrier 13ft I think.

                        Hoping to get my hands on a Drennan Puddlechucker and/or Preston Carbonactive soon.
                        Pleasure Angler


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                          I use 13ft Normarks either Microlight 2000 or Titan 2000


                          • #14
                            map ultra 11 25'
                            13' tom pickering whisker wag and stick rods
                            daiwa connoisseur 13' power (chub on wag)
                            shakespeare 18/20 excel
                            no carping gear here


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                              Petri Hiel

                              Shimano Beastmaster