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Brilo Box Co - what service !!!!

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  • Brilo Box Co - what service !!!!

    I've had an original Brilo Eurobox since 1992

    The box is still going strong - testimony to it's build quality.

    However, the original strap was showing signs of wear after 17 years, chaffing against a retaining section.

    The strap finally expired on me walking back after a match last Saturday.

    I spoke to Brilo about ordering a replacement and finally got around to sending my cheque off on Wednesday.

    The cheque was sent 'second class' post, meaning that Brilo probably wouldn't receive it till Friday at the earliest.

    Assuming that the replacement strap wouldn't be despatched until the cheque had cleared - sometime late next week, I did 'add a little note' asking Brilo if they could turn the order around asap.

    Imagine my surprise yesterday (Saturday) as the postie came down the drive just as I was setting off for a cut match, armed with a package.

    Yep it was the requested replacement strap from Brilo Box Co.

    What a Company !!! That must have been a couple hour turn around, obviously trusting me as they didnt even wait to cash my cheque

    A big thumbs up to Brilo and in particular Peggy who 'sorted' the order
    Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(