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Ackoo's Floats

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  • Ackoo's Floats

    Hi Guys,

    I was lucky enough to lay my hands on a selection of Ackoo's floats recently - got hold of three patterns and have had a chance to try them out.

    The first couple of patterns (UP ITW Special) and (Inline Beanies) both are very good finish and super strong, I particularly like the beanies as they are great for up in the water windmilling and slapping plus swinging a bait searching for those fish that have backed off out of pole range. The up in the water special float has a much thicker than usual hollow plastic bristle and very thick carbon stem - this was better for me when the chop came on the water and there was a bit of tow.

    The other floats I got were the New Chanti - they look similar to the slims Ackoos already do, nice fine tip and spring eye, very sensitive and I caught a rake of F1's on them at Lindholme on the pellet fished in 3ft of water - but they look like they would do a great job for silvers too.

    If you get a chance have a look at Ackoos' (Marks) floats - highly recommended.

    Here is his website - Ackoos Floats
    Simon Young
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    i also have ackoos floats from the pellet stix thruogh to the benies i brought nearly 80 floats back in february this was for all my summer commi fishing and i tell you know you will not find better quality and accurate floats and the fact that ackoo said he was busy and may take time to be delivered as i guess a few people wanted floats too.
    i was amazed when they turned up a week later, my hat goes off to him, superb quality and the only floats i use now.
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      Apologies but am i missing something as i only see the Inline Beanies out of the three patterns (mentioned above) on his website?


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        just added a few new ones adding as i get them


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          i bought the pellet wagglers earlier on in the year excellent floats and first class service i will be looking at his other float selection early next year


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            all marks range are absol brilliant, first class.