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boilies!!!! :) :)

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  • boilies!!!! :) :)

    does anyone now the most simple way to make boilies that are good and efective , and a simple base mizx to make.. .
    if your woundering why its because i enjoy making my own baits in my spare time.
    so if there is anyone out there that knows how to male a succesfull home made boilie with stuff that u can buy than plz share.. . thanks.manchy09.

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    Crack to eggs into a bowl whisk them, then add flavours and colourings (i dont stick to a guideline amount), then add enough flower the make it like play doe and roll into ball, once rolled into little balls (roller quite firmly to reduce the risk of cracking once boiled) place the boilies into a pot of boiling water (i put 7 at a time in a small pot) and leave to boil for ruffly 90 seconds then place them on a towel and leave to dry for 10 days.

    This is the way i do mine and have caught on them but there are other ways to make them but i find this the easiest way.

    Hope this helps,
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      Try this site mate How To Make Boilies for Carp Fishing
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        thanks alot lads will do and thanks for the easy recipies


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          an does anyone no how to thicken up the pasty/mix but with somethink that wont take the sent/smell away because when i make them somtimes there are to soft to roll and they take a verry long time to even get some round


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            These work. 8oz semolina, 4oz soya, 3 oz maize meal, 1oz rice meal. Mix thoroughly together and add 5oz ground fish flavoured Go Cat biccies (or 5oz ground halibut pellets if you prefer) and 1oz madras curry powder. Thoroughly mix dry ingredient together.

            For the slop, 2 x tins (small) cheap tuna in brine (drained) and 2 x tins cheap sardines in tomato sauce (keep the tom sauce). Remove backbones from sardines if your blender isn't 'industrial strength'. Liquidise this lot and add two eggs and any colouring or other flavouring you might want to add (try Solar Pot Shots). Mix all together and start adding the dry mix a bit at a time until you have a pliable dough that doesn't stick to your hands. Roll and boil for 90 seconds (you don't want too hard a boilie). Air dry and freeze. You can always keep some of the dough back as a paste covering for your boilies. The paste freezes just as well as the finished boilies.

            These work well and I have caught carp, bream, tench chub and barbel on them. I prefer to roll to about 10-12mm, but it's down to personal preference.


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              cheers m8 will do. i dont want to be a pain but do u have any sweet recipies to make boilies and can you freeze any boilies you make, or just ones that you use serton ingreadients with, and do u freeze them in a bog or tub, i no lol, just tell me how uj freeze ures coz that seems to work m8.thanks.manchy09.


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                You have a pm mate.


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                  this is the easy base mix for sweet stuff that served me well.

                  6oz soya flour.
                  4oz semolina.
                  2oz sugar.
                  6 small eggs.

                  the 6 eggs bit depends on the size of the eggs! knock this lot up in a mixing bowl, you dont want more than 5ml of flavouring per mix! you ad the flavouring to the liquid state eggs.
                  break the eggs into a bowl.
                  ad the flavour and colouring if required.
                  ad the base mix a bit at a time and keep mixing by squashing it through your fingers.
                  you need to mix it to a stiff consistency, but not so stiff that you cant squeeze it through the gun.

                  im afraid experience plays a big part as im sure you will find out

                  squeeze the mix through the gun onto the rolling table, roll the baits and put them on a tray. if the mix is right they wont stick to each other. make plenty!
                  get a big pan of boiling water and place them in as quickly as you can. you want them all to cook at the same rate. when they start floating, they are done.
                  but remember this bit.
                  boilies you make yourself have no preservatives like shop boughts and they contain egg. so you need to freeze them between sessions.
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                    kk thanks m8 will do .manchy09.