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2nd hand pole price advice please

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  • 2nd hand pole price advice please

    hi, ive been eyeing up a new pole for next year,because of pole breakage its been brought forward rapidly,but cash aint there yet,i was going to spend upto about 8 or 900 on one of these after a trial,daiwa conny g8,daiwa tdr daiwa sr4 garbo carp match or any of the map problem is how to gauge what the poles a worth, is there a percentage devalue ?or what ever your willing to pay goes.the difference between some 2nd hand poles are massive at times you see 2 grand poles going under 700 then you see a 800 pole go for 650. any advice is very welcome thanks.

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    I would for that money get a new pole,if u dont fish a long pole often you can get nice poles for that,those tdsr4s are very good as are the carp end poles are VERY expensive if u break a section.


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      if the pole is a current model in mint condition it is worth up to 60-70% of the retail price which is why a mint new model that costs £1000 is worth between £600-£700.If the pole is a model no longer in production its worth up to 50% of it original value, before buying a second hand pole please check that spares are readly available for at least a few years as if you break a section and can not get another its worth even less with a repaired section(no matter how good the repair is).

      I have just got a new pole after looking for quite a while in a simular price bracket as yourself and would recomend you have a look at the conny g8 mate for your money you should be able to pick a good one up with a few spare kits ect.

      I dont think the TDR is a current model anymore and the balance ect is not as good
      the carp match is a good pole and the spares package looks good
      the tdsr4 is a nice enough pole but does'nt have the power the g8 has

      good luck


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        cheers lads for the info,just noticed fosters are doing the garbo carp match for 650, im off for a waggle at the weekend will try others while im there.thanks again lads


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          this is just on the subject of team daiwa nephew has a brand new team daiwa sr2 which is brand spanking new it is 12 and a half mtrs with 3power top 2s one cup kit and 1 match section also 1 short butt.nothing has been cut back you can see a video of the pole with will raison using it on the offical daiwa site .he is asking for £270 . he also has a team daiwa sr3 13ft feeder rod which he is asking £60 for again brand new.look the actual prices up for yourself and you will see they are a bargain. had the feeder rod been 9 to 11ft i would have had it myself.if anyone is interested get in touch with me and i will contact my nephew and you and him can sort it out.


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            hi mate like the blokes say for that much i wouldn't buy second hand id stick with diawa range just look at the length you fish if you never fish over 14.5m then i wouldn't pay that much for a pole for a lenght you will never use ive just hag the diawa sr3 for about 4 months and mate i love the pole i fish it at 13m with ease in one hand and feed easyily its a lovely peice of kit, so if you more than 14.5 and still want to spend that much id still look at gettin the conny mate
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