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front drag or rear drag

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  • front drag or rear drag

    Im looking to but a new reel for carp fishing. This is more of a general question: what do front drag and rear drag mean? is one better than the other or is it more of a horses for courses situation.

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    Its what it says on the tin.the drag is adjusted from the front or the rear of the reel its just a matter of prefeferance,some people find it an advantage to adjust the drag whie playing a fish so its often a choice of which they find easiest,i prefer to set my clutch to just below the breaking strain of the line,if i need to increase pressure i use my finger on the spool,when i get a big fish in close i knock off the anti reverse and backwind to compensate for any lunges or last minute runs under the rod tip,it realy is up to the individual what they feel most comfortable/have most confidece in. Regards Peter.
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      i started with rear drag reels but then moved onto front drag
      i find rear are better for carp because the are powerful fish
      and front drag for rivers not barbel because they go like trains
      you should set the drag before you start fishing i always done


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        cheers for the info gents, makes lot of sense.


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          Front drag systems are often smoother. I'm not sure exactly why.
          I prefer a front drag nowadays, I find the drag works better and the reel is always smaller and more compact with a front drag. Anglers who use a rear drag often do so because they find it easier to adjust the setting while playing a fish and the settings are usually marked, thus making it easier to work out how to have the drag set.
          I have found that I can adjust the front drag while playing fish, it is just a question of what you get used to.
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            i personaly use shimanos and the bulk of them come with fighting drag on the rear this i have found on the stradics to be second to none on any fish easy to set and super easy to ajust shimano all the way does anyone else realy make good reels (no)
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              yes!!! and half the cost.
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                you get a faster reaction from front drag not sure why but you just do


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                  Is best to backwind if u can,as using the drag is the worst cause of line twist.