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sensas loop tyer

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  • sensas loop tyer

    anyone use these thinking of getting them and does anyone know how to use them cheers mitch
    :DFishinG Is GooD,CatchinG Is BetteR:D

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    I've been useing them for a few years, the give excellent knott strength and a consistent loop size. Very difficult to expain how to tie loops with one without diagrams, however they are supplied with simple instructions it takes a little practice but it's not that complicated.

    All round a good little bit of kit.


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      YouTube - sensas loop tier
      i started with nothing, and have most of it left:([COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]


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        Check out youtube, there is a little film on how to use them....since then, I use nothing else, superb gadget. Just beat me to it, by a


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          ive been using this handy tool for ages now
          simply brillant
          click on link below

          YouTube - sensas loop tier
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            anyone know weather or how i can use em to make the hook lenghts to fit in the preston retaining boxes cheers again mitch for all replys and help
            :DFishinG Is GooD,CatchinG Is BetteR:D


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              The loops it makes will fit the Preston boxes - super gadget.


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                To make the hook lenghths fit the preston retaining boxes - tie the hook first- fit hook to the bottom tag- fold the line over the top tag to form the start of the loop - carefully take it off the tag and use this tie the loop with the loop tier. The hooklength will then fit perfectly in the hook box.
                Hope that makes sense!


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                  wicked bit of kit!
                  I get my hooks to fit my hook box by putting the hook around a nail and then the to be looped end around another nail, hold the to be looped end a little bit tight and then aply the loop tyer!
                  The distance between the nails is the length of the hook length you want!