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Tri Cast Aristocrat

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  • Tri Cast Aristocrat

    I'm trying to get a look at one of these in a local tackle shop, but i would value any honest opinions from people who have one or have used one.

    I want a good all round pole that will be suited to uk matchfishing, was thinking of the G10 but have been put of by reports of broken and cracked sections due to it being too stiff.

    Iam not a big daiwa fan.


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    send tinca1957 a message as he has one. he'll give you an honest opinion hope this helps cheers pat


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      Have a look at the Preston GIS One its a fantastic pole. I know you said you're not a fan of Daiwas but the Airity takes some beating and there are some good deals about at the moment. I had loads of trouble with my G10 and they are too stiff IMO.


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        hi b911 nice hook
        used to own a terrain agood pole but an aristocrat is different class


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          After lots of deep thought (banging head against a brick wall) i have finally ordered an Aristocrat.
          Can't wait to get it.


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            wise decision mate, i am over the moon with mine and no broken sections whatsoever


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              iv just bought an aristocrat ,after havin a tourney, the tricast aint the stiffest or lightest flagship pole but its gotto be the strongest ,and the finish is superb


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                Gaz r,

                I have recently moved to Ireland and am looking to buy a new pole-previously a Spectron competition. What's the Aristocrat like at 11/12 metres as the majority of fishing on the local canal will be at that distance? Do you reckon it will be up to the task of fishing 7-8 metres to hand on the river?


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                  its good at all lengths but would u realy want a 2 grand pole for fishin to hand surely a margin pole would be better and a lot cheaper